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Nearly 80% of practicing dentists in the US are general dentists, but a much smaller percentage offer general dentistry in a holistic, comprehensive way. The providers at Morris Family Dentistry in Zachary, Louisiana, provide an extensive array of services from a whole-body health perspective. Request an appointment with general dentists Chad Morris, DDS, or Noelle Davis, DDS, by calling the office or using the online booking tool today.

General Dentistry

What is general dentistry?

Similar to a primary care physician, a general dentist is a primary dental care provider who offers a wide range of oral care services for people of all ages. They specialize in diagnosing, treating, managing, and preventing dental concerns.

To become a general dentist, dental professionals must complete four years of dental school upon completion of an undergraduate degree. Then, they must meet all the requirements for state licensing and participate in post-graduate training to earn their qualifications.

What procedures do general dentists perform?

General dentists have the qualifications and training to perform the most common dental procedures. When you go to the dentist, you probably expect to get an exam and professional cleaning while having a conversation about your dental health. 

While those services are pretty standard for a general dentist, most also offer more specialized services as well, such as: 

  • Cavity fillings
  • Root canals
  • Teeth whitening
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Periodontal cleanings
  • Denture fittings
  • Bondings and veneers

Some general dentists narrow their focus to one specialty or age group, but general dentists are trained and qualified to perform all standard dental procedures. The dentists at Morris Family Dentistry offer advanced services such as cosmetic, biological, restorative, and comprehensive dental care alongside their general dentistry services.

How do I choose a general dentist?

Your choice of a general dentist is personal and likely depends on a variety of logistical and relational factors. You may want a dentist whose personality you feel comfortable with or has a convenient location. 

Some of the considerations you may make when choosing a dentist include: 

  • Convenient hours and emergency availability
  • Location within easy driving distance
  • Insurance coverage
  • Type of services provided 
  • Comforting atmosphere and staff
  • Recommendations and reviews

If you intend for multiple people in your household to visit the same dentist, it’s important everyone has a positive experience with your chosen dentist. You can meet with your provider and ask questions to get a feel for their style before making your choice.

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