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Your oral health can have a significant impact on the rest of your body, and your dentist should understand that. Chad Morris, DDS, and Noelle Davis, DDS, use a holistic, systemic approach to dental care at Morris Family Dentistry. They consider the interrelated mechanisms and exchanges that happen between the mouth and the rest of the body to promote overall wellbeing. If you’re ready to switch to comprehensive dentistry, contact the Zachary, Louisiana, practice by phone, or request an appointment online.

Comprehensive Dentistry

Comprehensive dentistry is a holistic approach to dental care that focuses on all aspects of your oral health. Rather than treating one tooth at a time, the dentists at Morris Family Dentistry consider how all systems of the face and mouth affect each other and the rest of the body. 

Comprehensive treatment focuses on the entire oral-facial complex, including:

  • Gum tissue health
  • The soft tissue inside the mouth
  • Muscles responsible for mouth movement 
  • Jaw health
  • Dental alignment
  • Full tooth structure

Comprehensive dentistry also incorporates patient education and involvement in their dental care. You take an active role in preventing and managing dental concerns with guidance from Dr. Morris and Dr. Davis.

How does oral health affect the rest of the body?

Every system of your body is interrelated, as are your physical, mental, and emotional health. An issue inside your mouth can impact other parts of your body and cause stress, so it’s important to consider the whole picture of your health rather than each piece separately.

For example, research shows a direct relation between gum and heart health. People with gum disease have a 2-3 times greater risk of having a heart attack or stroke, perhaps due to the burden of chronic inflammation on the cardiovascular system.

Another way oral issues are interrelated is how tooth alignment impacts how you eat and the amount of plaque that accumulates. Overbites and underbites can create extra stress on your chewing muscles, while crowded or overlapping teeth can lead to tooth decay because teeth are harder to clean. 

Because bacteria, infection, and inflammation can cause systemic reactions in the body, your dentists dedicate themselves to restoring health from a holistic perspective.

What are the benefits of comprehensive dentistry?

A comprehensive approach to dentistry is an effective way to prevent and treat dental concerns from the source. Your dentist treats you from a whole-person perspective and helps you maximize your health. 

Conventional dentistry may focus on filling a cavity, for example, without addressing the conditions that led to it, as a comprehensive dentist would. What you eat, how you sleep, your flossing habits, and other factors influence cavity development, so addressing those can protect further decay. 

At Morris Family Dentistry, you can be sure your dentist values your overall wellbeing, not just the health of a single tooth. Contact the Zachary, Louisiana, office by phone today, or request an appointment online.