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Breathing is one of the most important functions of the body and yet there is a significant lack of understanding in this area. Many medical and dental practitioners fail to recognize the role inadequate breathing contributes to systemic diseases and biological breakdown.

Airway Dentistry

In order to evaluate whether airway problems are contributing to your overall health, ask yourself these questions:


 Do you suffer from clenching, grinding, or gritting your teeth?

• Do you have a history of having to have an expander for braces?

• Does your tongue have teeth marks on it from pressing your tongue up against your teeth all the time?

• Do you snore?

• Have you been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)? As many as 30 million Americans suffer from OSA while reportedly an estimated 10 million more remain still undiagnosed.

• Do you wake yourself up from sleep gasping or choking?

• What about chronic headaches, neck aches, or backaches?

• Do your jaws pop or click when you open and close your mouth?

• How is your blood pressure? A little bit high?

• What about your blood sugar? Is it high?

• Are you struggling with your weight?

• Have you had teeth removed for orthodontic reasons?

• What about your digestion? Is it great? Or do you have bowel issues?

• What about anxiety or depression?

• Do you feel anxious often?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should contact a dentist trained in airway dentistry.

Airway Centered Dentistry

In order to define Airway Centered Dentistry, we must first look at where our breathing issues come from.  There are some very interesting changes occurring to the human race over the past hundred years. Those changes have been accelerated over the last century because of our modernization and have led to significant changes in our growth.Dr. Weston Price was a dentist who wrote a book called Nutrition and Physical Degredation in the early 20th century.  He studied the 14 longest lived societies on earth in order to determine the common traits which contributed to their longevity.  Because of his training as a dentist, he looked extensively at their teeth and oral structures.  In doing so, he recognized that they lacked dental decay, gum disease, and malocclusion which was present in large numbers in industrialized societies.  He also noticed they had larger more developed jaw structures.  These observations led him to conclude that dental health and systemic health were intimately connected to one another.  Within these same societies, once a modern diet and lifestyle were introduced, a decline in overall health followed.

Treatment of Airway Problems

Dr. Chad Morris is certified provider of the Homeoblock™, a revolutionary oral device that is much like a retainer in looks, but the results go way beyond teeth straightening. Utilizing the natural forces of the tongue when we swallow, this custom designed appliance stimulates natural growth of jaws and the face, resulting in improved esthetics and overall health.

The Homeoblock™ appliance works with the body, so that physiological changes occur naturally; developing the bones of the face and resulting in the strengthening of facial muscles. These changes occur due in large part to each person’s genetic potential. Often, facial development does not reach its potential due to the food we eat, polluted air and poor dental care to name a few.

The Homeoblock™ appliance works in a retainer-like fashion. It is worn inside of your mouth during the night, and for some, a few daytime hours. Over the course of several months to a couple of years, the Homeoblock’s™ unique design signals the body resulting in remodeling facial bones, strengthening facial muscles – and straightening teeth. The Homeoblock™ appliance is clinically proven to work.

3 Primary Benefits of Homeoblock


1. Anti-Aging Facial Enhancement




All of our faces are asymmetrical to some degree. We might have one eye slightly lower or one side of the upper lip narrower or thinner. Does your face have a “better side” for photos? The facial skeletal structure should be symmetrical and our external body is programmed for symmetry, which exists in our genetics.

The soft refined food that comprises the modern diet does not provide the muscle action and desired strain on the bones that the face required during growth and development. This results in a lack of symmetry and allows the less developed side of our face to potentially age prematurely.

The Homeoblock Appliance is designed to stimulate the body’s own restorative and corrective energy. The result is:

" More bone to support the face" Anti-aging effects" Decrease lines and wrinkles" Improves facial symmetry" Creates a more attractive youthful face" More symmetrical mouth, more youthful eyes" Wider smile

The Homeoblock Appliance works with the body so that physiological changes occur naturally and helps with developing the bones of the face, resulting in the strengthening of facial muscles. These changes occur largely in part due to each person’s genetic potential.

Facial aging is due to loss of volume of both hard and soft tissue. During the aging process, we lose fatty tissue and the bones of the face shrink in size. As the bones shrink, our skin starts to sag creating the appearance of wrinkles.

Traditionally, this loss of volume has been replaced with injections of facial dermal filler such as Restylane, which is placed under the skin, creating volume for treatment of lips, lines, wrinkles,and facial folds. The Homeoblock Appliance can help increase bone volume,thereby treating the underlying problem and decreasing the appearance of wrinkles, creating a more youthful appearance.

2. Straighter Teeth – The Only Appliance That Can Be Worn Only at Night

The Homeoblock Appliance is a revolutionary patented oral device that is much like a retainer in looks, but the results go way beyond teeth straightening.Furthermore, it is currently the only orthodontic appliance that is worn in the nighttime only.

Over the past few years, more and more adults have sought to enhance their smiles with orthodontic tooth straightening procedures, such as clear or traditional braces, which must be worn 24 hours a day to straighten teeth in adults.

The advantage of the Homeoblock Appliance is that for many cases, this removable orthodontic device designed for adults can be worn only at nighttime, so no one needs to know its being worn at all.

The benefits of the appliance are much greater than just to straighten your teeth, and the overall results with the Homeoblock Appliance treatment include:

" Consistently wider,more attractive smiles " Elimination of a black triangle

–areas between the teeth and corners of the lip giving a narrow arch appearance " Higher cheekbones and stronger jaws

The basic premise is that modern adults are underdeveloped in the craniofacial region. Many adults have malocclusions with an underdeveloped face and jaws,which are less attractive and less healthy than a fully developed face.

This means there is less space in the mouth for the teeth, resulting in malocclusions or an unattractive smile, as well as other problems such as sleep and breathing disorders.

The Homeoblock Appliance gently re-aligns the teeth by working with the body’sown developmental mechanisms through natural functions such as swallowing,especially during sleep. The device produces better facial symmetry, wider smiles, and more attractive faces with less lines and wrinkles. Internally, the device widens the posterior airway space for better breathing, sinus drainage,and vocal resonance. These additional benefits enhance quality of life and may promote longevity.


3. Treats Sleep and Breathing Disorders

The airway is considered the keystone for the face, and the face and airway are developmentally connected, the bony changes in the face also reflect changes in the patient’s airway.Hence, there are presumed further benefits to sleep and breathing such as improvement of:

" Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS), a sleep disorder characterized by airway resistance to breathing during sleep, which often goes undiagnosed or masquerades as another problem " Snoring " Sleep apnea " Increased airway and improve breathing " Increased oxygen flow Headaches, myalgia, sleep onset insomnia, sleep maintenance insomnia, bruxism, anxiety, and depression are all symptoms of chronic stress which can be related back to respiratory effort related arousals and UARS.

Since the medical profession does not fully recognize the problem, many doctors are ignoring a condition that could be affecting as much as 15% of our population. This is great for Starbucks, but quite the opposite for many people.

Cortisolis the enemy and can affect every system in the body. When you have a high level of cortisol in the blood, you are by definition, "under stress.” We now know that chronic cortisol can activate tens or even hundreds of unexpressed genes in our body, that produces a variety of hormonal changes with a plethora of symptoms. Among these symptoms are a reduction in leukocyte production and interleukin, both of which make us more susceptible to infection.

The dentist is possibly the best-positioned medical practitioner to provide a special service and to educate patients in relation to a sleep and breathing disorder. Patients that exhibit symptoms of chronic stress can be tested with asleep study to determine if there is a pattern of arousal and light sleep all night long.

If we can lower the chronic stress and lower cortisol levels, it will take patients out of sympathetic mode and slow down their pulse rate, giving them a more restorative night of sleep. This can be done with appliance therapy treatment, myofunctional therapy, and breathing exercises.