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Dentist in Watson, LA

Quality dental care is something that everyone should have access to. While Morris Family Dentistry is located in Zachary, LA, we’re welcoming patients looking for a good dentist in Watson, LA. We’re proud to provide dental care to the surrounding communities and be an office that people can rely on for care.

dentist in watson, louisiana

The Mouth-Body Connection

We refer to this as oral systemic health. It’s how the health problems in your mouth impact the rest of your body and vice versa. We ensure that we take a holistic approach to oral health and wellness. Instead of treating oral and body health separately, we approach them as intertwined.

One of the most prominent connections is periodontal disease and various health concerns throughout your body. The main marker of gum disease is inflammation. Your gums become inflamed and swollen. One of the first indicators of gum disease is your gums bleeding when you’re brushing your teeth.

Disease-causing bacteria get into your bloodstream through the openings of bleeding gums. The bacteria and inflammation are carried around your body through the bloodstream, causing problems in other areas. Strokes, heart failure, and high blood pressure are all conditions that become more likely if you have gum disease.

A dental infection can also impact you if you have diabetes. It messes with your sugar levels and can make your condition harder to control. There are other studies that show that gum disease can also be linked to Alzheimer’s and memory conditions. 

The Importance of Preventative Care

Preventative care is the basis of your oral health. It’s all about preventing more severe dental problems and managing your oral health. Preventative care doesn’t only take place in the dentist office, either. It combines at-home practices and in-office dental care that keeps your mouth healthy.

You must go to the dentist even if you’re the most diligent brusher and flosser. Even the best toothbrush may not be able to get certain nooks and crannies of your teeth clean. Specialized dental tools allow us to eliminate plaque and tartar buildup in those hard-to-reach places. Without dental cleanings, buildup there can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Cleaning isn’t the only benefit of regular dental visits. We also perform a thorough oral examination. Serious health problems like oral cancer or gum disease start with extremely subtle warning signs. You may not even notice that they’re occurring. We’re trained to notice the earliest signs of these issues so that we can intervene early with less invasive and more affordable treatment options.

Preventative care is especially crucial for mouths that are growing and changing. Children are susceptible to tooth decay, tweens and teens get crooked teeth, and young adults deal with wisdom tooth eruption. If we see them regularly, we can notice subtle changes and refer you to other professionals if needed.

In our office, we’ll discuss your diet and other ways to ensure your mouth is as healthy as possible. If we think you’re at risk for certain conditions, we may recommend specific oral healthcare products to help minimize this risk. We practice patient-focused dentistry that’s designed for your exact needs.

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