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Dental Bridge Zachary, LA

Do you have one or several missing teeth? Are they impacting the comfort of your bite? Call Dr. Chad Morris for dental bridge treatment in his Zachary, LA dental office. Dr. Morris provides restorative dentistry solutions that replace rows of lost or missing teeth. Restoring missing teeth will improve the appearance of the smile the patients’ oral health.

Patients who have a few missing teeth may find it hard to bite, chew, and speak. Replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge can positively impact our patients’ lives.

Dental Bridge in Zachary, Louisiana

Traditional Bridges vs. Implant-Supported Bridges

Traditionally, dental bridges are prosthetics secured to the smile by adjacent natural teeth covered by dental crowns. However, these restorations do not support the tooth roots and tissues left by missing teeth. The process to secure the bridge also involves permanently damaging the adjacent teeth. They have to be significantly reduced in size to accommodate the dental crowns.

There are also other types of dental bridges available. We also offer removable bridges however, we only use this as a temporary solution. A removable bridge is very unstable and comes with many restrictions. A cantilever bridge is similar to traditional fixed bridge, but you dentist will only secure it to one adjacent tooth instead of two. For some patients, we may recommend a Maryland bridge. This replaces a single tooth. It uses metal brackets that the dentist will cement to the back of the adjacent teeth to secure the replacement tooth.

At Morris Family Dentistry, we prefer implant secured dental bridges. Dental implants are small yet durable metal posts that are surgically inserted into jaw. Here, they will act as the missing tooth roots. Once healed, dental implants create a supportive foundation for a dental bridge. The dentist will attach the bridge to the implants making it very durable and stable.

Dental Bridge Treatment

Dr. Morris makes sure that patients have sufficient bone tissue and are in good dental health to receive traditional and implant-secured bridges. For patients who want traditional dental bridges, Dr. Morris will take dental impressions to custom-fabricate the dental bridge and dental crowns. Once the bridge and crowns are complete, Dr. Morris will prepare adjacent natural teeth for the crowns by removing a small portion of the enamel. He will then attach the dental bridge to the crowns.

Dr. Morris also requires dental impressions to prepare for implant-secured dental bridges. We use these impressions to create the dental bridge and tooth crowns that cap off the dental implants. Dr. Morris will surgically insert at least two dental implants to support the dental bridge. They will be located on either side of the gap. Depending on many teeth you are replacing, you may need more than two implants. During a period of 3 to 6 months, the dental implants will fuse to the jaw bone. The next step after that is to secure the bridge to the implants.

Restore Your Smile

Receive a dental bridge to improve the function and aesthetics of your smile. Call Dr. Morris for a consultation about dental bridge treatment at 225.725.7565. You can also schedule a dental appointment on our website today.