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Restorative Dentistry Zachary, LA

Are you missing one or more teeth? Do you have dental injuries or infections that are affecting your smile? Dr. Chad Morris of Morris Family Dentistry provides dental solutions to restore your teeth and gums so you can smile with confidence. Restorative dental services are used to address problems like missing teeth, gum disease, and even bite issues that cause tooth stress and damage. It is often important for patients to address these problems before undergoing cosmetic treatment. Restoring the function and comfort of the smile is the first step to complete oral health. We provide additional dental services at our Zachary, LA office.

Restorative Dentist in Zachary, Louisiana

High-Quality Restorative Dental Care in Zachary, LA

Dr. Morris is a Dawson-trained dentist who takes a holistic approach to dentistry. He focuses on the complexities of the dental and facial structure to diagnose and treat his patients. During the diagnostic process, Dr. Morris examines the health of the teeth, gums, jaw, muscles, and bite. Properly understanding how the jaw and bite affect the teeth is integral to treating patients with restorative dental issues. Using this comprehensive approach, Dr. Morris is able to fully restore the health of his patients.

Here you can learn more about how restorative dentistry completely revitalizes the look and function of the teeth and gums:

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a prosthetic that replaces multiple missing teeth. Dental bridges are used to “bridge the gap” between natural teeth. When possible, we recommend using dental implants to support a dental bridge. This is because dental implants replace missing teeth at the root and create a strong foundation for the dental bridge.

Dental Crown

A tooth crown is a porcelain ceramic cap that fully covers a single tooth. Because dental crowns are made of porcelain ceramic, they reflect light just like natural teeth. Dental crowns also provide strength and durability to dental implants and natural teeth. Patients who have worn or weakened teeth can create a uniform bite with a dental crown. Dental implants can blend in with a patient’s smile using tooth crowns.

Dental Implants

As one of the most versatile dental restorations, dental implants may be used in a variety of ways. Patients who have a single missing or extracted tooth can restore their smile with a dental implant. Patients with multiple lost teeth or arches of missing teeth can also get dental implants. Multiple dental implants may be used to secure a dental prosthesis, whether it is a dental bridge or denture.

Dentures and Partials

For patients who are missing entire rows or full arches of teeth, Dr. Morris provides full and partial dentures. Traditional dentures require messy adhesives and can slip around the mouth. Implant-secured dentures stay in the mouth and do not come with dietary restrictions, unlike traditional dentures. By securing an arch of teeth with dental implants, we help patients eat and speak naturally.

Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontitis, also known as gum disease, is a serious condition that can quickly escalate. We provide gum disease treatment to our patients in Louisiana. Gum disease begins as gingivitis or gum inflammation. The gums can become inflamed due to a build-up of bacteria around the teeth and gums. Scaling and root planing are effective treatments that can help prevent gum inflammation from becoming gum disease. Used in tandem, scaling and root planing removes bacteria on and beneath the gums for a deep clean.

TMJ Treatment

Dr. Morris provides TMJ treatment to patients that suffer from TMJ disorders. The temporomandibular joints are joints that connect the lower jaw to the skull. If patients are stressed, or if they injure the temporomandibular joints, they may encounter oral health and physical health problems. TMJ disorders often make themselves known through symptoms such as migraines and jaw pain as well as teeth clenching and grinding. Patients with mild to moderate TMJ pain benefit from physical therapy, medications, and nightguards.

Restore Your Smile Today

Are you missing one or multiple teeth? Do you notice that you wake up with morning headaches? Ask us about our restorative dental care. Schedule a dental consultation with Dr. Morris on our website or call Morris Family Dentistry at 225.725.7565.