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Dentist in Zachary, LA

At Morris Family Dentistry, we offer many general dental services. General dental care can be used to treat tooth infections, impacted teeth, tongue and lip-tie, and more. Our general treatments will also prevent future oral health problems. For example, our custom sports mouthguards cover and protect teeth and gums to prevent dental injuries and tooth loss. We also see patients with dental emergencies. This will help prevent the need for restorative or cosmetic care.

General Dentist in Zachary, Louisiana

Complete and Holistic Dental Care

Dr. Chad Morris provides a holistic, complete approach to dentistry. He wants his patients to know how their oral health impacts their overall health. His dental office is a space where patients can become educated about what they can do to improve their dental and physical health. Dr. Morris does not use fluoride in his treatments, as an excess of fluoride is toxic to patients. Also, Dr. Morris provides metal and mercury free dental fillings. He follows a systemic, “do no harm” approach to ensure that his patients are in good oral and overall health. General dental care is a part of this approach.

General Dental Services in Zachary, LA

Custom Mouthguard

If you or your child plays contact sports like hockey, lacrosse, football, soccer, or basketball, schedule an appointment for a  custom sports mouthguard. We will take dental impressions for custom, properly fitting mouthguards. Store bought mouthguards can fall out during a game. Ones that are custom made will fully cover and protect the teeth and gums.

Emergency Dentistry

Contact Morris Family Dentistry in the event of a dental emergency. We will ensure that you receive prompt, high quality care. Dental emergencies are often sudden and abnormal dental problems. Some examples of dental emergencies include broken dental crowns, knocked out tooth, and severe tooth pain.

Family Dentistry

With a family dentist, each member of your household can receive the dental care that they need. Dr. Morris spends time with patients of all ages to teach them about their oral health. He will also explain which services he can provide them to help improve their oral health. Patient education and health are important aspects at Morris Family Dentistry.


A frenectomy is an oral surgery that can remove a tongue-tie or lip-tie. The frenulum is a tissue fold in the mouth that can restrict speech and make it more difficult to eat. It is what causes tongue and lie tie in some patients. We can perform this surgery to free the tongue or lip to help patients.

Mercury Free Dental Fillings

Dental fillings in the past contain mercury, a neurotoxin that negatively affects the brain and organs of the body. Although these fillings contain small amounts of the substance, if too much of it builds up in the body, it can cause harm. It can weaken the muscles, damage the kidneys, and affect mental function. Because of this, Morris Family Dentistry provides mercury free dental fillings. Dr. Morris can also remove old fillings that contain mercury.

Tooth Extraction

Is a dental infection affecting the health of your teeth? Are your wisdom teeth impacted? Schedule a tooth extraction at Morris Family Dentistry. Dr. Morris can keep track of your wisdom teeth at routine appointments. He can also prevent dental infections with teeth cleanings. However, for patients who already have severe tooth decay or impacted wisdom teeth, they may need a dental extraction.

Do You Need a New Dentist?

Call Morris Family Dentistry today at 225.725.7565 or schedule a dental appointment on our website. Dr. Morris treats patients from Zachary and other local areas of Louisiana. Please let him know if you have any questions or concerns during your dental consult.