How Does Dental Health Impact Risk of Coronavirus?

Over the past several months, COVID-19 or coronavirus has dominated our attention.  There are very few areas of life not impacted by this pandemic.  Most of us have closely monitored our own health and continue to take every precaution to avoid becoming ill.  However, dental health is one largely overlooked area when it comes to increased risk. 

It is already widely known that periodontal disease is an inflammatory response by the body and is linked to numerous systemic diseases.  More recently, there have been numerous links made between periodontal disease and the severity of coronavirus infections.  An article from the June issue of The British Dental Journal showed that bacteria present in patients with severe COVID-19 was associated with the oral cavity and made the claim that improved oral hygiene could play a significant role in reducing complications. Periodontal disease is no different from any other active infection in that it lowers the body’s immune system and increases inflammatory markers.  The oral cavity is also a point of entry for the coronavirus. An active infection here leaves the body extremely susceptible to attack.  

Maintaining healthy teeth during COVID-19:

It is vitally important to maintain regular dental cleanings and check ups in order to keep our bodies as healthy as possible. Dr. Chad Morris is a top dental professional in Louisiana and has extensive experience with procedures in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.  Maintaining a healthy mouth is an important part in the battle against coronavirus. Call Morris Family Dentistry in Zachary, Louisiana today to schedule your next appointment dental appointment!